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On1 or On2...let's do both! Whether you like New York, LA or Cuban style Salsa does not really matter. Learn from them all and create your own style! We will show you how to start with very basic movements and turn them into fun and exciting turn patterns. You will be dancing Salsa beyond the standards of your friends in no time. more info:


From the East Coast to the West Coast and plenty more in between. Swing dancing has been around for a long time making people smile and laugh all around the world. Jump, kick, stomp, or be as smooth as silk. We want you to come and experience why good times start here. more info:

Argentine Tango

Sexy and smooth or sharp and crisp? Yes please.

One of the strongest and most respected connection dances of all time. Argentine Tango will open your mind to movements and affinity you may not have thought possible with another human being. more info:


Let's take a trip to the Dominican Republic and back with fun footwork and nice body isolations. Like most sensual and connected dances, Bachata can be danced in close position or open. Dominican, Urban, Traditional, and Bachatango all find love here. more info:

Urbanelectro aka UE Dance

Come experience one of the newest, smoothest and most eclectic social dances in the world! Dance solo or with a partner to our favorite electronic beats including Deep/Progressive/ Minimal House and Techno, Trance, Trap and Electro! Styles included are Shuffling, Slide/Glide, Jumpstyle and a very unique way to "Flow" with the people around you.